Corrugated Plastic Floor Protection Sheet

I.PRODUCT DETAILS II.PRODUCT Corrugated Plastic Floor Protection Sheet high quality PP composed sheet/board is an extruded twin wall polypropylene fluted plastic correx board consisting of two flat walls connected by vertical ribs. Offer Plastic Polypropylene PP Fluted Correx Board / Sheet is......

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Product basic info

    This product is suitable for floors and vertical surfaces. It should be used to protect ceramic wood, marble, vinyl and laminate flooring, as well as doors, glass and partition walls.

    It is made of high density polypropylene. this plastic product is non-toxic, odorless, anti-moisture and it has corrosion resistance, light weight, good appearance and color-rich etc.
    It also has the function of anti-bending, anti-aging, high bearing strength, tensile, compression, tear performance. the thickness of this product can be made as 3 ~ 5 mm according to customization requirement. this product is used for various indicator boards, posters, billboards, packaging, cultural and office stationery.


1. Light weight, rigid,strong and long-time durable

2. Water proof,moisture resistance, excellent weather ability

3. Chemicalresistance, impact resistance, fade resistance

4. Environmental friendly, recycled use,washable,non-toxic,anti-corrosion

5. Food contact packing,virgin materials


1)Packaging Material: Instead of the traditional packing material such as corrugated paper, wood board, etc. 

2) Advertising Board: Through corona treatment, PP hollow sheet can be used as advertising board, show board, brand mark, light box board, etc.

3) Turnover box: For avoiding the damages from electrostatic, the conductive PP hollow sheet can be used as the container of electric parts, food, drink, etc. And it can be circle-used.

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