Plastic Corrugated Foldable Boxes

I.PRODUCT DETAILS II.PRODUCT Plastic Corrugated Foldable Boxes Industrial Packaging Corflute/Flute board is ideal for conversion into packaging. Used in sheet and roll form for protective packaging or conversion into material handling packaging. Regular Slotted Container, Half Slotted Container,......

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Product introduction

Corflute/Flute board is ideal for conversion into packaging. Select and off-the-shelf design from our portfolio of transits, recycle bins, and tote box designs, including a range of handles. 

Process: various of box/container,knife card,die cut,painting,forming,accembling,hot-press,and other equipment,

available in all varieties.

Material quality:Environmental protection PP material at food grade, can provide SGS environmental protection

report and  MSDS of the  products safety,ISO certification,PONY testing report,FDA report.


• More durable than cardboard.

• Cleaner than cardboard(no paper dust).

• Material is waterproof.

• Lighter than many rigid plastic containers.

• Reusable / Returnable - Multiple uses.

• Easy to clean.

• Flexible design.

• Less expensive than cardboard on cost-per-trip basis.

• 100% Recyclable.

• More sanitary than cardboard.

• Environmentally Friendly.

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