Conductive Electronic Component Box

I.PRODUCT DETAILS II.PRODUCT Conductive Electronic Component Box Specification: ESD plastic boxes Material:ESD Plastic EXcellent quality&capacity Anti-static,anti-aging,anti-corrosion Contour size(L*W*H): 253*140*70mm Interior size (L*W*H): 233*127*58mm surface resistance: blow 106Ω......

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Conductive Electronic Component Box


ESD plastic boxes 

Material:ESD Plastic

EXcellent quality&capacity 


Contour size(L*W*H):  253*140*70mm

Interior size (L*W*H):   233*127*58mm

surface resistance: blow 106Ω


Range: normal, conductive, ESD

Excellent transportation capacity

Surface durability

Customized size, color and specification

ECO-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, anti-corrosion

Light weight, convenient to move, and easy to shape

Smooth & cleanable surface


Long-term & exterior durability

Prompt delivery


Color: black

Weight: 300GSM~3000GSM according to different thickness.

Various styles

Certificates: ISO9001

Function/usage: applied in various fields(farming, housing, advertising, construction)

Application :

1) Turnover box: to avoid damages from electrostatic,  conductive PP hollow sheet can be used as the container of electric parts, food, drink, etc. also it can be used repeatedly. 

2) Advertising Board: Through being specially corona treated, PP hollow sheet can be used as advertising board, show board, brand mark, light box board, sign board, warning signs etc. 

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